This series of reflections was photographed over a period of 2 years at airport departure lounges while waiting to fly out of Melbourne.

Past the chaos of routine airport procedures, but not yet boarded onto the plane, passengers who are literally in transit also seem to be in a state of psychological limbo. Caught between fatigue and the transcendent hours of early morning, people are propelled into a dreamlike atmosphere.

Unknowingly trapped in a glass box designed to make travelers feel anything but, individuals seem insignificant – slouchy and surrendered to authorities that promise safety and reliability.

The air is cold and stale – remnants of earlier passengers and never truly refreshed. Like the baggage carousels, people come and go fleetingly, reminding me that flying is just a larger scale of public transport – one that isn’t as glamorous as it once was.

Still, the departure lounge is a place to hope. The possibilities of renewal... The wait to a culture shock, whether good or bad, is only hours away.



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