M I R R O R   W I T H   A   M E M O R Y


 Historically, self-reflection was an act greatly admired for its positive association to intelligence and moral consciousness.

However, the contemporary rise in self-portraits (colloquially known through social media as ‘selfies’) has arguably shifted the importance from internal to external exploration of the self. Consequently, photographs of ourselves now seem excessively abundant.

‘Mirror With a Memory’ was once a phrase attributed to the camera, because of its unique ability to show sitters their own image, captivatingly suspended in time. Although capable of capturing fleeting beauty, it was also unforgivingly indifferent to the emotions of those it illustrated.

Through an era-ambiguous aesthetic, I question the detriments of photography when combined with the vulnerable feminine memory; each image depicts women, either in denial of growing old, or cruelly haunted by the vision of the eternally youthful self.



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